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Restaurant Insurance in Costa Mesa and Orange County, CA

Our local restaurants are perhaps the most accurate reflection of the cultural history of Costa Mesa, CA, and EZ Insurance understands that. As a result, our agency has developed a comprehensive restaurant insurance protection package that we’re excited to offer to local restaurant owners.

Quick and Accurate Restaurant Insurance Quotes in Costa Mesa, CA

EZ Insurance’s restaurant insurance quote process is simple, efficient, and accurate. We work with you as a restaurant owner to determine the coverages that fit best for your business, and develop a quote that accurately represents the premium needed to keep those coverages.

Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, and Workers Compensation for Costa Mesa, CA Restaurant Owners

EZ Insurance’s restaurant insurance packages are designed with complete protection in mind. Our packages are made to manage all risks a business owner may face in the restaurant industry. Liability insurance protects you and your assets in the event that you’re held responsible for an accident occurring in your restaurant. With property insurance, costs related to damage to your restaurant and facilities, are covered. Finally, workers compensation insurance allows your employees to work without fear of a lack of protection from on-the-job injuries, and lets them focus all their attention on your customers.

Unparalleled Restaurant Insurance Rates and Service in the Costa Mesa, CA Area

All-encompassing coverage at an affordable premium. That’s what EZ Insurance offers. The understanding our agents have of the intricacies of maintaining a local business is paramount, and we always make that knowledge available to you. To get started on a policy, request a quote. Or, contact an agent today with any questions.

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